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Night Light is about to hit the streets

A new lights & art festival is coming to Calgary.

Night Light logo

Oh boy, do we love a festival. There's nothing like bringing a community together through shared experiences, and one that encompasses art, light and oh-so-much-more, has us absolutely shiverin' with excitement.

This festival is about embracing the dark and relishing in the canvas it creates. Developed by a team of heavy-hitters (the art-centric team over at Victoria Park BIA, Paul Magnuson of Big Art, and Hanan Chebib of Social Studies Lab), this festival is something we’ve never seen before in Calgary, so get your peepers prepared for this stunning spectacle.

We were lucky to work with these fine folks on the brand identity for this project (see the complete project here), and after meeting with them in our initial discovery session, our whole team was neck-deep in ideas and inspiration (you should see our notes).

Suppose you’re a Calgarian and have been experiencing a lack of culture and community (*ahem* maybe you’ve been at home binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy AGAIN).

In that case, Night Light is family-friendly, experience-forward, and ready to envelope you in all-things incredible to get you out of that cultural funk. With everything from a dome with 360 projection-mapped art, and illuminating the dark streets with neon shapes and scenes, Night Light has what your senses have been craving.

Victoria Park is a *literal* shining star in Calgary’s inner city, and we’re excited to celebrate with the whole team at YYC’s first Night Light! 💫🔦

Follow along on their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and learn more about the event here.

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