We are Grant: a friendly creative studio.

What we're all about We’re a group of bold creatives with a background in business. We’re organized, exploratory, and we pride ourselves on being friendly and great to work with. Our job is to design authentic brands that people can’t help but pay attention to, so we channel our enthusiasm to serve that purpose.

There are many ways we can work together


Brand identities, logos, naming, copywriting, and creative direction.

Brand identities, logos, naming, copywriting, and creative direction.

A dynamic visual identity means that your brand can be used in many different ways while still being consistent because a consistent presentation of your brand increases your revenue. And that, friends, is what we hope for you.

When it comes to brand identity design, we’re all about crafting the real deal — the kind that truly connects and commands attention. From crafting unique logos to choosing the perfect color palettes, and from shaping compelling messaging to the finer details, we’re passionate about creating brand identities that leave a lasting impact. It’s not just what we do; it’s what we love.


Competitor analysis, positioning, brand values, muse, and audience.

Competitor analysis, positioning, brand values, muse, and audience.

We’re all about creating brands that make an impact — on users, on the community, and on the team itself. A brand can’t make much of an impact if it isn’t successful, so we take a methodical and targeted approach during our process to make sure that what we design, write, and create can go the distance. Collectively, our team and your team need to know what’s out there, discover the gaps and opportunities, and position the brand uniquely so you’re not lost in the crowd (for more of our thoughts on targeting, check this out). We do the strategy work upfront so that everything that follows is aligned with our insights and learnings.


Design & development for Shopify, Squarespace, and Webflow

Design & development for Shopify, Squarespace, and Webflow

We care deeply about our clients having a well-designed website. For a new brand, it’s the virtual front door that welcomes visitors and gives them a taste of what you’re all about. It’s where you tell your story, showcase your products or services, and connect with your audience. Think of it as your 24/7 sales rep, always ready to engage, inform, and charm potential customers. That’s why it’s essential to have a user-friendly, design-centric site when you’re building a digital home for your brand in the ever-expanding online universe.


Animation, illustration, photography, and videography.

Animation, illustration, photography, and videography.

When it comes to crafting a standout brand identity, animation, illustration, photography, and videography are highly impactful ways to give life to your visuals and capture attention. With a carefully crafted approach, these pieces can give an authentic glimpse into your world, weave compelling stories, and let customers connect with your brand on a deeper level. These elements not only make your identity distinctive but also relatable, evoking emotions and leaving lasting impressions, which in the end — is what we’re all here to do.


Ad creative, social media graphics, and email campaigns.

Ad creative, social media graphics, and email campaigns.

In the digital arena, winning the hearts and minds of your audience often comes down to the power of visuals and messaging. We help our clients by creating compelling ad creative that grabs attention, designing social media graphics and templates that tell your story at a glance, and crafting email marketing templates. When done right, your digital efforts should keep your brand top-of-mind and drive engagement with your audience, so we are definitely keen to make sure our clients keep this in focus.


Packaging, signage, menus, marketing materials, clothing, and merch.

Packaging, signage, menus, marketing materials, clothing, and merch.

We are plenty keen on all things print, which you’ll quickly discover when you visit our HQ and witness our extensive collection of print samples and cardstock books. To us, print isn’t just about churning out mass-produced brochures that end up in the discard pile. It’s about the art of evoking emotions and creating tactile experiences. That’s why we collaborate with dedicated printers to ensure every print project elicits that delightful “ohhhhh” moment when someone holds anything bearing your brand. We firmly believe anything physical should be a testament to intention and thought. If you’re interested in partnering with a team of print enthusiasts who are as nerdy about the craft as they come, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Meet the team.

Frequently Asked Qs

How long does a project usually take?

Branding + Strategy: 2 - 2.5 months. We like to work intensely with clients over this time, so book us when you have lots of availability and brain space!

Website: 2 - 2.5 months.

Packaging: 1 - 4 months. This is heavily dependent on the number of SKUs, what print partnerships are in place, whether or not we can get print samples and the complexity of the design.

What's your experience?

Our team has worked with over 250+ businesses on brand, websites, and graphic design projects. We’re a mix of self-taught designers, formally trained designers, and business people, which means we colour outside the lines, but we do it with your business goals in mind.

As of 2023, this is Grant’s 5th year in business.

What would you be like to work with?

We’re surprisingly organized and timeline-oriented for a group of creatives. We communicate with our clients often, and while our processes and deliverables are professional, we’re overtly casual. We keep it real. We’re excitable. We’re enthusiastic. And we like to be comfy.

Are you expensive?

Depends on your perspective! We charge what we need to charge to have a successful project, a happy team, and a healthy business.

Can you do it faster?

The full brand identity is quite structured, so we don’t typically change that process, BUT we do have an option called a MiniBrand, which is a 2-day version with limited scope that might serve you well.

What industries do you work in?

We like working in a diverse range of industries — it keeps us sharp and prevents us from pigeonholing our style over time, which can happen when specializing in one specific industry. That being said, we do benefit from understanding the landscape of and having worked in:

Retail: Home Goods; Textiles; Jewelry; Clothing & Apparel; Body & Haircare

Food & Beverage: Consumer Packaged Goods; Superfoods; Beer; Cider; Spirits

Non-Profits: Animal Care & Shelters; Gender Equality Training & Workshops

Real Estate: Developers; Developments; Brokerages; Real Estate Marketing Firms

Events & Hospitality: High-End Restaurants; Bars; Bakeries; Event Spaces; Festivals; Experimental Event Design

Energy: Solar Energy; Heavy Industry Remotes; Liquid Cooling

Creative Services: Interior Design; Visualization Studios; Animation Studios

Professional Services: Executive Leadership; Law; PR & Communications; Gender Bias Consultants; Brand Strategists; Financial Management; Accounting; HR & Recruitment; Startup Incubators

Wellness & Recreation: Golf Courses; Fitness Studios; Breathwork Facilitation; Resorts; Wellness Retreats; Doula & Midwifery; Psychedelics

How many clients do you take on at a time?

Not many. We don’t typically work with more than 2 brand identity clients at a time.

Do you do hourly work?

We do! We have package prices + hourly estimates for smaller projects, so just hit us up, and we can hop on a call.

Can I just get a logo?

Actually, yes. Check out our MiniBrand! It’s a 2-day wordmark-only offering that is for early-stage businesses and startups.

How much control/influence will I have in the process?

Our clients are very much collaborators in this process. During the Brand Identity process, you’ll be selecting from 2-3 moodboards that you feel resonate best with your audience, your mission, and your goals. We’ll concept based on that selection, and once we have presented the concepts, we’ll undergo two rounds of revisions (if needed) based on your feedback! We care deeply about the designs we create helping our clients succeed, so if we feel anything is going off track from a design perspective, we’ll flag it during the process. However, we very much value our client’s expertise in their respective industries.