The MiniBrand: A smaller scope brand identity in two days. (Yes, we’re serious!)

Hyper-focused design time for business owners looking for a mini brand identity.

It’s about more than a great logo - it’s about success.

We care deeply about you succeeding - not just because we care about you (which we do...a lot), but also because we are invested in you. When you’re a small business, you don’t always have the time + budget for a larger branding package and project. After witnessing the inception and launch of over 150+ startups and businesses, we are here to support you during every phase, and sometimes that means starting out with something small and building out your brand gradually.

A quick + focused 2 days.

We created the mini-brand so that we could offer our clients something that will carry them to the next phase. We value the time and expertise that we offer, and in order to offer a budget-friendly price-point we start and finish the mini-brand process within 2 days. We can then support our clients on an hourly basis after the 2 days have been completed.

Smaller scope.

The Mini Brand includes a wordmark, colour palette, and typeface hierarchy, and we’ll have you complete a questionnaire beforehand that will help guide our design. This is what we can offer to get you off the ground, so you can start (or rebrand) your business with confidence, and we can tackle any other design needs that you might have down the road.

We value timelines & great communication.

We know your time is valuable, and we want to keep it that way. Our team may be small, but is mighty when it comes to deadlines, project management, and communication. We’ll need decent access to you during these 2 days, so make sure to book your mini-brand when you are close to your computer and will be able to give us quick feedback.


You heard it here first

“The process was so smooth. I felt cared for as a client. The amount of detail the team accomplished in 2 days is extraordinary. Each step felt luxurious and easy.

The pre-work got me thinking deeply about my brand and the ideal client. The kickoff session was engaging and even more clarifying. Every time I got an email with a mood-board or concepts my heart would flutter. The team explained every design decision and thought process through recorded videos and calls, giving depth to the work. I ended up combining a few concepts and the team was happy to work with my requests and make the perfect outcome for my business.”

— Selena | founder of creative wave

Not everyone needs a full brand identity right from the get-go. In fact, we discourage it more than you'd think.

Yep. You read that right.

The MiniBrand is a two day process that’s not for everyone — but it is for...


If you’re still in the validation phase of your business (ie: there’s no demand for your product/service yet), this could be the right move for you. When you’ve got a solid client base or sales trajectory, we can build out the other parts of your brand.


If you’re exploring business ownership as a side-hustle and plan to keep it that way for 5+ years, and it doesn’t make sense to invest too heavily in a large-scale brand identity, this could be a good direction.


You need something professional to use on pitch-decks and in presentations, but your business model isn’t fully ironed out, you don’t have any sales, and you just need something that will give you the confidence to pitch and win over that perfect investor.


Some businesses need a full brand identity right away to attract customers, but if that’s not your business, this might be for you.


We reserve a limited amount of slots for MiniBrands per month, so hit us up if you’re interested and we can let you know when the next available spot is.

Why do we do this?

It doesn’t always make sense to blow your entire budget on branding. Sometimes you need something that can get you to the next level, and then you can invest slowly over time in a full brand identity. And we want to be part of your success story 10 years down the line.

With that said —

We’d love to chat and see if you’re a good fit for the MiniBrand. Get in touch and we'll go from there!
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