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Bread 👏 is 👏 life 👏

Bread? Pastries? The Beltline? Count us in.

Bag with Begonia logo and "bread is life" sticker

MiniBrands have become a crowd favourite here at Grant. The intensity of creating a visual identity in two days is extremely satisfying, and truth be told it’s a great way to hone our skills – a win-win, some would say. So, when Begonia Bakehouse approached us for a MiniBrand, we were, in a word: delighted. Bread? Pastries? The Beltline? Count. Us. In. 

Head baker, owner, and overall person-, Elizabeth, opened Begonia Bakehouse in the Beltline in March of 2023, and has been absolutely soaring ever since. The bakery has quickly become a neighbourhood favourite and whips up delectable treats like classic French pastries, sandwiches, sourdough and more. Their instagram feed is littered with mouth-watering content that’ll have you sprinting there in 2.0 seconds – or maybe a little bit longer than that, take your time. 

Elizabeth had all of the brand assets she needed to hit the ground running from day one: A handful of logo variations, colour palette, typeface hierarchy, and with the add-on of illustration, Begonia Bakehouse was good to go! We completed the brand identity & had it all packaged up within two working days. A fun fact that you may be surprised to hear, is that during our MiniBrands, only two of our team members work on the project. Yep, you heard that right - TWO! So two people, two days and a whole lot of collaboration between us and the client and you get a stellar brand starter kit for your new business. 

Make sure to visit Begonia in the Beltline at 1502 14 St SW (get directions).

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