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A fresh look for River Spirit Golf Club

Bidding adieu to the days of the boys club and exclusivity in golf. Sorry not sorry!

Baseball hats with River Spirit Golf Club logo

When we were presented with the task of shaking up a very male-dominated industry, we jumped at the chance. At Grant, we’re all about pushing boundaries and exploring new spaces, and that’s exactly what we did with River Spirit Golf Club. 

Picture it: A crisp fall day, 2022 – the Grant team steps onto the River Spirit Golf Club grounds for the first time, ready to completely immerse ourselves in this brand new environment. Yes, it’s true, none of us had golfed a single day in our lives at that point, but all the better to get into some serious on-site research, and most importantly getting our eager little mitts on the steering wheel of a golf cart. From learning the very basics of the game to exploring the ins and outs of the clubhouse, we left with a new appreciation for the sport, and started to understand what all the hype was about. We knew we had to hold onto the allure of this age-old sport, but flipping the script loomed large in our collective Grant BrainTM

Our meeting with Molly & Cyd, further solidified our disruptive desires. Gone are the days of the boys club and exclusivity in the golf scene – inclusivity is in, and it’s here to stay, baby. With the objective of honoring the past, but highlighting a modern, more female-forward future, we knew we were on the same page.These two were ready to open a brand new chapter at RSGC and we were there to make it a reality. 

With a wide variety of inspiration under our wings, we set out to design a brand that had a vintage vibe with a modern twist, but as always, value-forward. What we landed on felt like the true epitome of what RSGC is all about: fun, inclusivity, and a whole lot of heart. With nods to tradition like tartan and checkered patterns, but set in untraditional colours and made slightly askew, we took the expected and spun it in a new way; much like RSGC tackles their business model (a coincidence…we think not). Our take on a timeless script font for the wordmark, paired with some organic illustrations brought this identity to the next level, and we’re just thrilled with the outcome. 

With the brand set in stone, there was no stopping us – from branded photography direction, web design, asset design, copywriting and pretty much everything in between, we were able to bring the new RSGC to life and shout it from the rooftops. With a new and welcoming visual identity, more folks can get out and golf without the intimidation of the classic “boys club” feel. We know that RSGC will be welcoming golfers from all walks of life for years to come and we can’t wait to see where they go from here. 

If you’re golf-curious, River Spirit Golf Club is a fabulous place to start. Check out the RSGC website here, and follow them on Instagram at @riverspiritgolf.

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