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Change Is Good is doing good (great, even)

We're drooling over Change Is Good's latest merch drop, and we think you will too. 🤤

Blue totebag

Sorry for staring! We've been oggling Change Is Good's latest merch drop, featuring their recently refreshed brand that we had the pleasure of bringing to life. Not only are the products themselves stunning, we're also seriously heart-eyed over the editorial direction and execution of the photography and video for this campaign.

As designers, there's nothing more fulfilling than seeing our work come to life. We worked with the Change Is Good team earlier this year to create a new brand identity and Shopify website, and have been seriously impressed with the ways they've implemented their new brand since.

Peep the campaign for their latest merch drop below, stay up-to-date with future drops at @changeisgoodyyc, and shop the line online or in-store at 1317 9 Ave SE in Inglewood, Calgary.

Photography: Megan Kaduhr

Social Media: Zandalee Lieske