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Metier finds their forte

When you work with great humans, the work doesn’t feel like work.

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When you work with great humans, the work doesn’t feel like work. In fact, things feel suspiciously easy – that’s how we felt during our entire process with the wonderful folks at Metier. Upon meeting with their founder, Raman, we knew we had a match made in heaven – with aligned values, similar communication styles and a whole lot of trust, it was evident that our journey together would be something special. She was firm in her purpose (we love that) and had a clear vision for the trajectory of her business, all she needed was a team to translate that into visual reality – enter Grant. 

We took this project from beginning to end: from the renaming process to completing their brand identity, copywriting, website & asset design and everything in-between, we had our hands in every aspect of this incredible brand. We got down to the nitty gritty, we discovered their why and rediscovered our own. We weaved their narrative into every nook and cranny of the process, and the result couldn’t have felt more “Metier”.

Speaking of “Metier”, we bet you’re wondering where that name came from – it’s a French word meaning “a trade, profession, or occupation that one is good at”, and that’s exactly what they’re in the business of. Metier is an HR & recruiting firm that focuses on finding the right people at the right place at the right time so you grow your company with confidence. When we proposed this name, it was a no-brainer for them. Metier has helped countless companies on their path to success and has been consistently growing their own business over the past year. 

Working with such purpose-driven folks is always a great source of inspiration for us, and Metier was no exception. Their dedication to creative problem solving and collective prosperity lit a fire in us and we are so proud to play a small part in their journey.

Pop on over to Metier's website to learn more about their services, and give them a follow for a constant supply of super helpful tips + tricks from the HR world — find them on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

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