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Say hi to Grant’s inaugural typeface: GS Harper!

Born with caffeine pumping through our veins, Harper is built for eye-catching packaging, striking headers, and any personality-filled usage.

Tall, semi-bold, and brimming with alternates, Harper takes inspiration from vintage type, art-deco elements, and that second coffee buzz.

Supplied font file formats & language support

Supplied font files: OTF for desktop use; WOFF + WOFF2 for web use

Supported languages: English, French, Spanish, German

Usage permissions

What can I use the typeface for?

You can do all kinds of commercial and personal design work on up to 3 personal computers with this typeface license, including logos, e-publications, video and social media.If you’re needing an extended license, get in touch at info@wearegrant.com and we can help you out!

What can’t I do with the typeface?

You may not sell this font without Grant’s permission. You may not redistribute or break the typeface license terms without permission. You may not modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or create derivative works based on this typeface.

Do you have a free trial version?

We are not offering free trials at this time, however there’s a type tester available below if you wish to giver a spin!

No items found.