Grant MiniSites

Get off the ground with a simple, clean, and easy-to-use website designed by pros — in just 2 days.

Getting online doesn’t have to be a circus.

MiniSites are 2-day simple builds hyper-focused on clean design, great functionality, and getting the word out about your business.

MiniSites help early-stage businesses:

Avoid a DIY disaster

Build buzz and traffic

Accelerate marketing efforts

Lessen upfront website costs

Look professional off-the-bat

Impress investors + raise capital

After 2 days, you'll walk away with:

3-page website

Form connections (newsletter + contact)

Custom Tutorials

Why MiniSites?

A clean, professional site without blowing your budget.

At the beginning of your business, there are plenty of up-front costs. Many of these are unavoidable and necessary to get your business off the ground, while others can be delayed or might change as you learn more about your audience and your offering. MiniSites offer an affordable opportunity to get your business online (and look good) without overspending, so you still have the budget to actually market yourself.

An easy-to-use site that you can edit and add to yourself.

If you’ve ever talked to a new business owner before, you’re almost guaranteed to hear them complain about how they can’t edit their website. This typically means they have too complex a build for their stage of business. The MiniSite is meant to be updated as time goes on, and we film tutorials for your new site so you know exactly how to do it.

A 2-day turnaround means you can move fast.

We love building out full websites for clients, but sometimes, they need something up quickly so they can close a deal, get an investment, or look like pros for their first market. Our 2-day offering means we can build quickly with smaller scope without sacrificing quality. We can get you going faster so you can hit the streets in style.

Flexible design that can be added to as you grow.

At some point, you’ll likely need to add more pages, testimonials, or project examples to your site, and that’s a great sign. We build in flexibility, so your website can grow alongside your business needs.

What our clients are saying

“I had a wonderful time working with the Grant team for my business MiniBrand. The entire team is talented, friendly and efficient. They ask the right questions to create a beautiful, unique product for you.”

Elizabeth Reimer
Founder of Begonia Bakehouse

”I have always admired the work Grant does, so to have the opportunity to work with this team to create my own brand was a DREAM. The MiniBrand process was so efficient, and yet, I felt like the team really connected with my brand and provided me such personalized service. As a new business owner, I know that the brand they created for me will serve as a bold, beautiful foundation as I continue to grow.”

Julie MacDonald
Founder of Fieldtrip

“The pre-work made me think deeply about my brand and ideal client, and the kickoff session was engaging and even more clarifying. Every time I got an email from the team my heart would flutter. Every design decision and thought process was explained with calls and recorded videos, giving depth to the work. The team was happy to work with my requests to make the perfect outcome for my business.”

Selena Coates
Founder of Creative Wave

MiniSite FAQs

Is a MiniSite right for me?

Not everyone needs a full website right from the get-go. In fact, we discourage it more than you'd think. Yep, you read that right. The MiniSite is a two day processes that isn't for everyone — but they are for...

Early phase idea validation

If you’re still in the validation phase of your business (ie: there’s no demand for your product/service yet), this could be the right move for you. When you’ve got a solid client base or sales trajectory, we can build out the other parts of your website as you grow.

Businesses seeking investment

You need something professional to share with investors, but your business model isn’t fully ironed out, you don’t have any sales, and you just need something that will give you the confidence to pitch and win over that perfect investor.

Side hustles

If you’re exploring business ownership as a side-hustle and plan to keep it that way for 5+ years, and it doesn’t make sense to invest too heavily in a large-scale website, this could be a good direction.

Businesses whose sales aren't brand-dependant.

Some businesses need a full website right away to attract customers, but if that’s not your business, this might be for you.

What happens during a MiniSite project?

01. Pre-Work: Homework + Website Content

Before we begin, you’ll need to complete your Pre-Work Homework and send over all your website content (copy, images, videos, contact info, social media handles, etc). This must be completed before the project begins.

02. Kick-Off Call

We’ll kick-off your MiniSite with a Zoom call to introduce you to your Project Leads, review your pre-project homework, and ask any clarifying questions needed. This is an opportunity for us to ensure we’re all on the same page before we begin design work.

03. Home Page Options

Based on your pre-work and what we discuss in our Kick-Off Call, we’ll build out 2-3 home page layout options using your existing brand + submitted website content. This will showcase a few approaches we can take to your website’s overall look and feel. Once you approve a home page, we’ll use that as the basis for the other pages we build out for you.

04. Website Build

We’ll then hit the ground running and build out the rest of your site!

05. MiniSite Preview

We’ll aim to send you a preview link to check out your MiniSite by noon (MST) on Day 2. We’ll send this via email, and will also likely send you a video message to walk you through your new website.

06. Minor Tweaks

You’ll be able to send over requests for any minor tweaks needed on the website. We’ll need these within 1 hour of receiving your preview link to make sure we have time to make the changes.

07. Admin Access & Tutorials

Once we have thumbs up on everything, we’ll send you an invite for admin access on your new website, as well as instructions for how to launch your website. We’ll also send over a few simple video tutorials on how to update your website in the future.

What if I need more than what's included in a standard MiniSite?

Sometimes our clients need just a little bit more than what our base MiniSite projects offer. If you need more than 3 pages, additional website functionalities, or are opening an e-commerce store, we have Extended MiniSite options that we can customize to fit your needs. Please get in touch to learn more!

I need a brand really quickly, too. Can you help?

You bet! We also offer MiniBrands that will get you set up with a simple, professional brand identity website within 2 days. Many clients book MiniSites in conjunction with MiniBrands to get their business up and running in as little as one week (pssst... you'll also save $500 when you book these two services together!).

Learn more about MiniBrands here.

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