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Born from a love of flour and water (aka bread – but you knew that), Noctua is your friendly neighbourhood bakery where you can get more than just the basics. At Noctua, we believe in the transformative power of blending unconventional flavours with expert techniques, using only the finest quality ingredients, all while grooving to some pretty amazing music. We’re not just about baking; we’re about creating an experience. That’s why we’re constantly pushing the boundaries and experimenting with our recipes because we know the magic that can come out of applying a bit of improv – and we’re not afraid to get a little bit jazzy.

Our passion for pastry and commitment to community are our driving forces each and every day and they inspire us to get as close(ish) to perfection as possible; But here’s the twist – at Noctua, perfection isn’t the ultimate goal. It’s about embracing the beauty of imperfection and celebrating the unique expression found in every pastry, every loaf, every creation that leaves our ovens. To us, it’s expression over perfection. Always.

We’re here to fill your belly, your cup, and your soul. Let’s make your good day, a very good day.


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