Grant MiniBrands

Get off the ground with ease and confidence. Brands for startups and early-stage businesses in just 2 days.

Good things come in small (and speedy) packages.

MiniBrands are 2-day streamlined projects that focus on essential brand elements to set clients up for success—without the timeline or price tag of full brand projects.

MiniBrands help early-stage businesses:

Launch quickly + confidently

Look professional off-the-bat

Impress investors + raise capital

Stand out from the competition

Avoid a lacklustre first impression

Reduce upfront branding costs

After 2 days, you'll walk away with:

2 Wordmark Logos

Type Hierarchy

Colour Palette

Brand Guide

Why MiniBrands?

A unique, professional brand without blowing your budget.

Good branding is branding that serves business objectives. And if you’re an early-stage start-up or small business and a brand project blows your budget, that’s probably misaligned with your business objectives. MiniBrands offer an affordable opportunity to create a unique, professional brand that helps your business stand out, earn customer and investor trust, get to market faster, and raise capital — without taking away from a budget that needs to be allocated very carefully.

Enjoy flexibility as your business grows.

Small businesses, or those just starting out, often lack necessary insight into their identity, offerings, and audience — they just haven’t been around long enough to pinpoint these. What you’re selling and who you’re selling to can change on a quarterly (if not daily) basis, so it’s not worth it to invest a huge amount of money into a massive brand identity.

A 2-day turnaround doesn’t distract you from what matters.

You’re building and you need to move fast, and your time is best spent on what’s really important — growing your business. MiniBrands are designed to get something in your hands quickly, without delay or distraction, and help to build momentum around your business’s growth and progress. Our team leans on our years of design experience to create quick, strategic, and creative options, and will guide you through the MiniBrand’s 2 days so you can make decisions with confidence and ease.

A toolkit for easy-to-implement brand consistency.

MiniBrand deliverables are easy to use and implement, even if you’re not a designer or don’t have a design team (yet!). A highly complex brand that’s layered and complicated to use just isn’t what MiniBrand clients need. Instead, you’ll only receive the essential buildings blocks that do what they need to do without any head scratching involved. Can you add a logo to a document? Change a font style? Add a colour or two? You’re golden!

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What our clients are saying

“I had a wonderful time working with the Grant team for my business MiniBrand. The entire team is talented, friendly and efficient. They ask the right questions to create a beautiful, unique product for you.”

Elizabeth Reimer
Founder of Begonia Bakehouse

”I have always admired the work Grant does, so to have the opportunity to work with this team to create my own brand was a DREAM. The MiniBrand process was so efficient, and yet, I felt like the team really connected with my brand and provided me such personalized service. As a new business owner, I know that the brand they created for me will serve as a bold, beautiful foundation as I continue to grow.”

Julie MacDonald
Founder of Fieldtrip

“The pre-work made me think deeply about my brand and ideal client, and the kickoff session was engaging and even more clarifying. Every time I got an email from the team my heart would flutter. Every design decision and thought process was explained with calls and recorded videos, giving depth to the work. The team was happy to work with my requests to make the perfect outcome for my business.”

Selena Coates
Founder of Creative Wave

MiniBrand FAQs

Is the MiniBrand right for me?

Not everyone needs a full brand identity right from the get-go. In fact, we discourage it more than you'd think. Yep, you read that right. The MiniBrand is a two day processes that isn't for everyone — but they are for...

Early phase idea validation

If you’re still in the validation phase of your business (ie: there’s no demand for your product/service yet), this could be the right move for you. When you’ve got a solid client base or sales trajectory, we can build out the other parts of your brand as you grow.

Businesses whose sales aren't brand-dependant.

Some businesses need a full brand identity right away to attract customers, but if that’s not your business, this might be for you.

Businesses seeking investment

You need something professional to share with investors, but your business model isn’t fully ironed out, you don’t have any sales, and you just need something that will give you the confidence to pitch and win over that perfect investor.

Side hustles

If you’re exploring business ownership as a side-hustle and plan to keep it that way for 5+ years, and it doesn’t make sense to invest too heavily in a large-scale brand, this could be a good direction.

What happens during a MiniBrand?

01. Kick-Off Call

We’ll kick-off your MiniBrand with a Zoom call to introduce you to your Project Leads, review your pre-project homework, and ask any clarifying questions needed. This is an opportunity for us to ensure we’re all on the same page before we begin design work.

02. Moodboard Presentation + Selection

You need something professional to share with investors, but your business model isn’t fully ironed out, you don’t have any sales, and you just need something that will give you the confidence to pitch and win over that perfect investor.

03. Concepting

We’ll then start crafting brand concepts. This takes up the bulk of the 2 days and involves us exploring ideas for your brand’s identity including logos, colours, and a typography system that all work together to best represent your business.

04. Brand Presentation

We’ll present 2-3 concepts complete with wordmarks, colour palettes, and typefaces, as well as mockups to help visualize the concepts and help you imagine what the brand will look like ‘in the wild’. We’ll also review any symbolism, design decisions, and messaging ideas during this presentation. This will be presented via video call or recorded video message.

05. Concept Selection & Small Tweaks

You’ll then be able to take a bit of time to review the brand concepts and consider which you’d like to move forward with. Once you’ve made a selection, you can let us know of any small tweaks you’d like made, and if necessary, we will send you updates to approve.

06. Final Files & Brand Guide Delivery

The last step is to get everything packaged up and sent your way! Before the end of Day 2, you’ll receive all the elements to your new brand — including logo files, font files, and your Brand Guide, which covers all your brand elements and how to use them.

What if I need more than what's included in a standard MiniBrand?

Sometimes our clients need just a little bit more than what our base MiniBrand projects offer. There are many additional deliverables we can add-on to your MiniBrand project, including everything listed below:

  • Brandmarks (Icons / Stamps)
  • Illustrations
  • Animations
  • Social templates
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Packaging
  • Signage
  • Merch
  • Squarespace website
  • Shopify website
  • Webflow website

I need a website really quickly, too. Can you help?

You bet! We also offer MiniSites that will get you set up with a simple, professional, and user-friendly website within 2 days, or 3 days for e-commerce sites. Many clients book MiniSites in conjunction with MiniBrands to get their business up and running in as little as one week (pssst... you'll also save $500 when you book these two services together!).

Learn more about MiniSites here.

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