Recently into... quirky character illos

Character illustration can add plenty of depth and personality to a brand, and we're here for it.

Mag Coffee Kombucha bottle with white label and orange quirky character illustration

Here's a collection of wonderfully executed illustrations that have us doing all the doodling.

We couldn't find the design team behind this goodness, but here's Depanneur's website for good measure.
We're so very obsessed with the brand + packaging design of Gulp by Spain-based designer Tais Kahatt.
I mean....come on. Look at this lil coffee-drinking maniac! Love. Everything about this is perfectly executed. Info: andresrequena.es Character Design: Gabinete Exquisito​​​​​​​ Animation: Ester Dus Photography: Martí Pujol
Could this character BE anymore perfect? *Said in Chandler Bing voice* Yes, we wear our cheuginess proudly.
As if we didn't already want to be eating pasta 24/7. Now we'll be doing that AND making typefaces, because puh-lease, this pairing is perfection. - by Giulia Boggio.
Netflix & Chill's cooler older sister. Be still my woodland creature heart. By Adam Vega and Zai Zamudio.
It's enough for us to bring that phrase right back into the daily rotation. Work done by Studio Unbound!
BRB going to buy an entire case and bathe in it – so well executed we're ready to spend our life savings on olive oil. By Gander.
The colour combos and layout design are *chef's kiss* and perfectly complement these quirky folks. Big fans over here! By Wedge.
Stop-folks-on-the-street visuals like this have us swooning – and possibly wanting to purchase some type of household rodent. By Brutto.

And that's a wrap! Thanks for coming along for our quirky journey. More (and endless) inspo is on the way.