Make room for rest.

A leader in the linen goods space, Wilet (previously Flax Home), came to us for a rebrand, and we couldn’t be happier that they did. Our initial Brand Workshop uncovered their deep commitment to rest and restoration. We needed an identity that felt like it belonged in the soft goods space and was differentiated from its “rest” competitors while encompassing their work’s creative, design-centric side.

Our wordmark “Wilet” was inspired by a blueprint–it felt important to insinuate that we should all make room for rest and consider this when designing our spaces. The serifs directly nod to the line work in a home blueprint. Whereas with the brandmark logo, we wanted to encapsulate the feeling of a relaxing morning looking out a window without the distraction of devices. The result is both a window and a duvet flipped over, ready for you to snuggle in.

#RestEnthusiasts have found their place with Wilet.

Our Contribution:


Brand strategy

Brand identity

Messaging & copy

Web design


Environmental design

Social media assets

Newsletter design

Ad creative

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