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You're an outlier with big goals that wants to disrupt the norm and have maximum impact. Start Me Up are curators, storytellers, and magic-makers with a penchant for media strategy and years of experience in their trade. When they came to us for repositioning + a rebrand, we knew we wanted to focus on what made them weird. Keeping in mind their deep love for sci-fi, we wanted an out-of-this-world approach that would appeal to innovative business owners and entrepreneurs. We figure that if this firm is helping people make their mark and embrace their weird, it was only fitting to take this raw and unfiltered approach with their branding as well.

Speak your truth; tell your story.

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Illustrations by Heather Grant


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Illustrations by Heather Grant
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“Working with Grant changed the game for Start Me Up PR and quite frankly also healed my founder-inner-child :) They cut to the core of who I am and what my company is on an authentic and intimate level. Listened to my creative and business needs and ultimately propelled me from consultant to agency. Start Me Up PR is no longer me, it’s we. My team feels connected and proud to be a part of a feeling, a movement an emotion, and a mission, not just a logo or look. Grant helped us find our core, so that we can help other businesses and founders find their authentic story.”

Theresa Tayler, Owner @ Start Me Up PR Inc.