River Spirit Golf

In an industry like Golf, it can be daunting to step outside the lines and approach your messaging differently. Luckily, this team gave us total creative freedom to explore and break the rules.

We wanted to create something that still felt classic and nostalgic but with a fresh new outlook that felt welcoming and inspiring for newbies and pros alike.

“We know your name, not your par score” was a big part of our messaging and vibe. While there are tournaments and competitions at RSGC, the crew has a genuine interest in their players and creates an environment that fosters connection. Younger, diverse generations are becoming increasingly interested in Golf, and stuffy old boys’ clubs aren’t always conducive to this much-needed energy. We steered clear of anything pretentious and opted for friendly messaging, a bold-but-natural palette, an askew checkered brand pattern, and a series of vintage-inspired golf illustrations.

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Photography by Chris Amat.


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Photography by Chris Amat.
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