At Fynch, their goal is to take you and your business to the next level as your contract CFO, using tried and true methods and innovative problem solving. When a finch moults feathers that no longer serve them, its new feathers grow back brighter, stronger, and just the littlest bit shiny.

We wanted this reflective nature represented in the brand from the beginning, and the name “Fynch” felt like a perfect fit. This team of experts will assess your business’s fiscal strategy and clean up what isn’t working, and implement new processes to help you grow so you can fly high.

Welcome to Fynch: fortify your future and transform your business.

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“Grant was a great company to pair up with for our branding! They brought so much creativity to the table - more than we thought possible. Grant made the whole process easy and manageable for us, which we really appreciated given our limited time and skill in this area. We highly recommend to anyone and everyone! Thank you so much Grant, can’t wait to use you on our next project.“

Nadine Weller, Co-Founder @ Fynch