Bread is life.

A fresh new bakery based in the Beltline in Calgary, Begonia, came to us pre-opening, ready for a MiniBrand. After sending several moodboard options on Day 1, it was clear that Elizabeth wanted something organic, imaginative, and just a teeny-bit vintage. Now that Begonia is up and launched, everything is baked fresh and one-of-a-kind, from passionfruit curd & strawberry flaky croissants to pastries with roasted cauliflower, garlic scape pesto, and goat cheese. We're big fans over here (clearly).

Our Contribution:

2-day MiniBrand

Add-on: Illustrations

Begonia Bakehouse logo
Mockup of Begonia Bakehouse branded takeout paper bag
Illustrated graphic of brand tag line
Mockup of Begonia Bakehouse shop window signage
Begonia Bakehouse logo in varying colours
Woman holding Begonia Bakehouse branded takeout box
Begonia Bakehouse logo featuring brand illustration of houseplan
Mockup of Begonia Bakehouse branded canvas bag
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